Blogger ‘Winnie Blues’ asked her fans to reveal their ‘oddly specific icks’

Single women have revealed their oddly specific ‘icks’ which include men who tip-toe through puddles, use bath towels at the beach or block their nose before jumping in water.

The icks were published by Aussie  who admits she was inundated with hundreds of messages when she asked what turns women off.

Winnie offered people the opportunity to agree and disagree with each ick – with most people confirming which acts belonged on the list.

Women agreed short men who prefer driving huge trucks gave them the ick, while men who use windscreen wipers on the highest setting or Game Casino Onlline indicate for Bandar Togel too long also made the list.

Food icks were also high on the list. 

One woman said men who say they are ‘gluten intolerant’ need to grow up – and Game Casino Onlline 80percent of Winnie’s followers agreed.

‘Grown men who don’t like onion,’ wrote another.

One woman said she can’t handle it when people try to scoop ice cream but fail and slip.

Others maintained physical icks were the worst.

A lot of women agreed people who block their nose to jump into the pool were ‘icky’ while others can’t stand men who don’t bend their knees to lift things.

‘Men who kick their toes and then bend down in pain,’ wrote another savage entrant.

While another admitted she cuts off contact if they sneeze more than twice in a row. 

But not all of the icks were accepted by the audience – one woman complained about men who pat dogs with bare feat – but 80percent of people disagreed. 

Winne included she said: ‘But when they are just out of reach and your comfy on the couch.’

One woman said she hates when men climb trees but 70 percent of people disagreed.

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